datHere Data Catalog

datHere is a leading provider of data infrastructure engineering services. It offers standards-based, best-of-breed, and open-source solutions to make data useful, usable, and used. Focusing on data integration, data application development, and data engineering, datHere helps businesses harness the power of their data to drive informed decision-making and achieve their strategic goals.

Key Solutions and Services:


  • CKAN DMS-as-a-Service: datHere offers a Data Management System (DMS) based on CKAN, a comprehensive open-source platform for cataloging, securing, versioning, and collaborating on disparate data assets. This solution helps organizations manage their data assets effectively, ensuring data governance and facilitating data-driven decision-making.

  • Data Enrichment: To enhance data quality, datHere provides data enrichment services. They link and enrich client data with various data feeds, ensuring high data quality while minimizing the need for manual data cleaning and preparation.

  • Data Feeds: datHere offers API-ready, high-quality data and metadata sourced from diverse and reliable sources such as the US Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), data.gov, USAFacts, and client-specific systems. These data feeds are regularly updated, providing clients with valuable insights for their analytics and reporting needs.


  • Data Integration: datHere specializes in ingesting, transforming, and integrating raw data, delivering it into clients' preferred business intelligence (BI) platforms. They leverage a library of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools built on industry-leading open-source technologies such as Apache Airflow, Great Expectations, OpenRefine, and pandas.

  • Data Application Development: datHere develops self-service data applications and visualizations designed for non-analysts. These applications enable users to explore large datasets using popular tools like Snowflake, Power BI, Carto, plotly, tableau, and Superset, making data analysis accessible and intuitive.

  • Data Engineering: The team at datHere creates reusable and maintainable data pipelines, bringing together data from diverse sources, including high-value sources maintained by datHere. They convert raw data into API-ready data feeds for analytical and operational use, ensuring data is readily available and actionable.

datHere's competitive advantage is its expertise in open-source data solutions. They are a leading provider of CKAN, an open-source data portal platform. datHere also has a deep understanding of data standards and best practices.